1-one body part that turns you on?
2-two things you’re happy about?
3-three important people in your life?
4-four things on your agenda?
5-five reasons for you to be alive?
6-six things you want?
7-seven shows you like?
8-eight people to copy and paste this on their ask boxes?

1 - one body part that turns me on:

  • Jensen Ackles (he absolutely counts, shh)

… barring that, I’d say it’s not the body part so much as interaction with it - nipping at someone’s throat. Mmm.

2 - two things I’m happy about:

  • The rank and uniform I earned and everything I was able to accomplish in it.
  • Being able to interact with such incredible fandoms.

3 - three important people in my life:

  • My Mother
  • U., longest digital buddy and counterpart through damn near every fandom imaginable
  • M.K. and my boys for being family even if we aren’t blood

4 - four things on my agenda:

  • see my boys one more time
  • drive from San Diego to Seattle
  • find a new place to call home
  • go back to college and love every minute

5 - five reasons for me to be alive:

  • learning
  • helping
  • art
  • music
  • hugs

6 - six things I want:

  • a huge library of my own full of all the things I love so I can share
  • less wank, more love
  • at the end, to be satisfied and proud of my accomplishments
  • to always seek self-improvement
  • to be with someone and share that all the songs started to make sense
  • for my actions to endure long after I’m gone

7 - seven shows I like:

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Supernatural
  • Fushigi Yuugi
  • Chuck
  • Firefly
  • House
  • Gankutsuou

8 - eight people to copy and paste this on their ask boxes? 

I don’t tend to forward these things on - open forum to any who would like to do it!

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Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?
Anonymous ASKED

Actually, come to think of it, in a roundabout sort of way I suppose I have.

You see, Kay is rather closely associated with Mark Pellegrino, who played a stunningly fantastic Lucifer.

While we were at ElecTRONica, there was quite a bit of gleeful dancing and merriment that evening, though we had rain in addition to the moonlight…

So, in that sense - yes, Anon. I have indeed.

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Very well.

  1. I prefer iron sights over optics (RCO or an ACOG) on an M16
  2. I have one sister (younger than I by two years, and she’s a certified asspain but I’m ridiculously protective of the beastie)
  3. I am so pasty and ginger that my eyebrows and lashes are a light gold-orange
  4. I’d rather type than talk for long-distance communication with most people
  5. I speak/translate Japanese
  6. My sense of self-preservation constantly wars with my want to get another motorcycle (as the last one I had was short-lived and wrecked when I let a friend borrow it)
  7. Roleplay is one of my favorite things ever (and that includes in the bedroom too)
  8. I am a massive comic book nerd
  9. I have always been very independent and solitary in much of what I do
  10. I am far more logic-minded than emotional
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Random question.
What drove you into art?

That's about the only thing I could think up. xD

Aaah, awesome question! Thank You!

I’ve always really liked drawing and trying to take an idea and turn it into something more tangible. I really love drawing and cosplay for those reasons - challenging myself to interpret images of all kinds and share them with other people. It’s the closest thing I have to allowing others to peek through my mind and see the stuff in my imagination.

?--what was your favorite part of MTAC?

Getting to see a lot of old friends who are more like family,

and getting to meet and make a few more. <33 

Hip-tossing a drunkard and locking another guy into an armbar weren’t that bad either but that’s probably because I get excited when I grapple

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$-what would I do with a million bucks

I’d put part of it into savings, invest another portion, and use the rest to get my parents anything and everything they needed. We’ve never been financially well-off, and more than anything I’d want to take care of them.

 eleevaytah replied to your post: ?

Yes. Any random thing, like the meme said. :3

..all right, since you didn’t ask any particular question I’ll answer with this:

I’d love to see Firefly come back.

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#- a secret

^- favorite video game

%-my favorite kind of weather

+- favorite book or movie

?- any random thing you want to know.

#- a secret

Hmm… all right, but I prefer keep it vague.

I was offered a position at a well-known college to continue work I assisted on while in the military. I declined.

^- favorite video game

This seems to be the question of the hour! I’ll add to my growing list, then, with Ouendan!

%-my favorite kind of weather

If not overcast, than a mild spring or autumn day with lots of clouds in the sky and a slight breeze.

+- favorite book or movie

>Since I did a book before, I’ll go with a movie this time: Green Street Hooligans.

<?- any random thing you want to know.

I..think this requires a question to be asked before I can answer it. Do you have a question?

Anonymous ASKED

^- favorite video game

Though I already answered this one, I could go on about video games ALL DAMN DAY. For you, Anon, I’ll answer Xenogears. :3

^ % +

^- favorite video game

AAaah this is a difficult tie between the Metal Gear series and Dragon Age.

So, I’ll say that out of all the Metal Gear games, MGS3: Snake Eater is the one I have played the most. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots is hot on its heels.

Dragon Age: Origins, however, completely conquered a corner of my heart. I don’t know of any other game that I’ve played that has made me feel like this one has.

%-my favorite kind of weather

Overcast! I love a slight drizzle, too, but when it’s overcast outside, I can actually see without wearing sunglasses - my eyes are incredibly photosensitive.  I also don’t have to wear as much sunscreen when I go outside :3

+-favorite book or movie

I always have a difficult time choosing just one. But! In the book department, I can think of no other that I have bought and given away more copies of than Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. A friend of mine and I agreed many years ago that someone’s opinion on it was like a character litmus test - if they read it and liked it, I was pretty certain we’d get along just fine.

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^- favorite video game

&- a celebrity I’m in love with and why

%-my favorite kind of weather

$- what I would do with a million bucks

@-my favorite Tumblog

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+- favorite book or movie

?- any random thing you want to know.

3==D- A tmi

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TMI Tuesday

I’ve never actually done one of these, so I happily invite an invasion of everything from random to raunchy.


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Tumblr Crushes:

I don’t know that I can ever have a more fabulous list of crushes.

Line one: TRIPLECLU 

Line two: glorious fanartists

Line three: Flynnwich between Lee Stetson and Tron Yes please especially in the Scarecrow and Mr. Flynn ‘verse HNNG.

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