1-one body part that turns you on?
2-two things you’re happy about?
3-three important people in your life?
4-four things on your agenda?
5-five reasons for you to be alive?
6-six things you want?
7-seven shows you like?
8-eight people to copy and paste this on their ask boxes?

1 - one body part that turns me on:

  • Jensen Ackles (he absolutely counts, shh)

… barring that, I’d say it’s not the body part so much as interaction with it - nipping at someone’s throat. Mmm.

2 - two things I’m happy about:

  • The rank and uniform I earned and everything I was able to accomplish in it.
  • Being able to interact with such incredible fandoms.

3 - three important people in my life:

  • My Mother
  • U., longest digital buddy and counterpart through damn near every fandom imaginable
  • M.K. and my boys for being family even if we aren’t blood

4 - four things on my agenda:

  • see my boys one more time
  • drive from San Diego to Seattle
  • find a new place to call home
  • go back to college and love every minute

5 - five reasons for me to be alive:

  • learning
  • helping
  • art
  • music
  • hugs

6 - six things I want:

  • a huge library of my own full of all the things I love so I can share
  • less wank, more love
  • at the end, to be satisfied and proud of my accomplishments
  • to always seek self-improvement
  • to be with someone and share that all the songs started to make sense
  • for my actions to endure long after I’m gone

7 - seven shows I like:

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Supernatural
  • Fushigi Yuugi
  • Chuck
  • Firefly
  • House
  • Gankutsuou

8 - eight people to copy and paste this on their ask boxes? 

I don’t tend to forward these things on - open forum to any who would like to do it!

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