Team 261, Item 115: A pink feather boa hanging out the window of the engine car of a moving, full-sized steam-powered locomotive.

I drove with my flatmate an hour and a half out to the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad to do this. It was a gorgeous drive and we geeked out over a tavern called The Roadhouse along the way. This was probably my favorite item to accomplish thanks to it encouraging us to go out and explore a place we’d likely never otherwise go to. Despite inclement weather, all of the volunteers running the train and station were incredibly kind and enthused to help us accomplish this. 

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Team 261, Item 135: A sculpture of the actor Jensen Ackles made only from raisins and glue.

(Raisin Ackles also served as our impromptu Chrimbo tree this year, overseeing all gifts with his pouty shrivelled-yet-lovely lips.)

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