Unpopular opinion






I really don’t like the Sam x Junior pairing.

I never mind shipping either XD I’m not gaga about it, but its fun to mess with.

I like it but never wish it ‘real’ or serious about it in any way.

*thumbs up* I’m with ya there in a way.

sao;ijksdf same. I don’t really care until people start thinking it could be canon.

no it could not be. sorry guys.

nah I hope no one takes it that seriously. To each their own if anyone does.

We’re all free to dream. (:

I’m really content in loving all that’s canon and I love that the most so far.

Pfff, you want an unpopular opinion? I ship Alan/Jr. And it’s what, me and another two people? 

None of the slash pairings are canon, people. Why even bother looking at it from that angle, seriously?

I love that, for the most part, the Tron fandom is one big happy party that agrees to disagree without getting wanky over ships. I might not ascribe to the same thing you do, but we can all be amiable about it. End of the day, I’m happy that there is such a wonderful group of people who love this story and its characters like I do.

Besides, there’s so much gorgeous fanwork done for all of it that even if I don’t ship it I can absolutely appreciate the appeal.

Tron fandom, you make my circuits all violet and tingly <3

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That awkward moment when someone mentions the “archangel Gabriel”









What everyone else is thinking of:

What you’re thinking of:

Our version is so much better <3

I like to think of the original, since I loathe the SPN Gabriel.

Oh, oops.

I always think of this

Qualms aside with personality, physically speaking, very yes.

I.. I think of myself because I played him in our Nativity school play back in 5th grade.

…why did I always get the male roles

if it helps, I always think of angels as genderless beings



i write that angels choose their gender but in the beginning, they have one

not all have to take a gender

in my novels, gabriel doesn’t

also no one cares

I like learning about the way other people interpret the angels - I’ve always been fascinated with that part of the Biblical canon. Agreement or no, that there are so very many variations on the same character/being/anatomically-impaired multi-dimensional wavelength/etc is awesome to me.

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