Phil Coulson’s vintage Captain America card collection (from The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers).

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Castiel: I’m asking you, Father, one last time. Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? You have to tell me, you have to give me a sign. Give me a sign! Because if you don’t I’m going to do whatever I must.


Dean: Cas?
Castiel: Dean, what are you-
Dean: I wanted to talk to you…alone. Look, I know Sam and I kinda lost our cool back there. But that doesn’t mean we’re gonna just give up on you.
Castiel: Dean, I told you. There is no other option. I have to open purgatory…or everything you and your brother fought for will be for naught.
Dean: I know you think that, Cas…but-
Castiel: No, it’s not about thinking, Dean! I’ve looked at every method—every recourse—every possible way to defeat Raphael. This is it. There’s nothing you or your brother can do to help me. …This isn’t your fight.
Dean: You mean like the last Apocalypse was Sam’s and mine? Didn’t you help us then?
Castiel: That was different-
Dean: Damn it, Cas! It’s the same thing! Why won’t you let us help you? …You’d rather to deal with Crowley than us?
Castiel: Crowley is more than capable of protecting himself. You and Sam, on the other hand-
Dean: We can protect ourselves just fine.
Castiel: No, you can’t! Do you know how many times Raphael has tried to get to you? How close he came to killing you? In order to get to me?
Dean: Cas-
Castiel: You and your brother have sacrificed enough. Just let me do what I have to…in peace.
Dean: What you have to? You mean, kill yourself?! You stupid son of bitch…y-you…think I really give a shit about opening purgatory? Whatever comes out of it, Sam and I can handle. But, I’m not gonna let you die just to get rid of Raphael.  I’ve lost enough family-
Castiel: Dean-
Dean: I’m not about to lose you too! …I know Sam and I are just humans, but we’ve found a way outta tougher situations. Let us help you. …And if we have to die, well then at least we’ll go down fighting.
Castiel: Dean, I can’t let you-
Dean: You can. And you will. We’ll figure this out, okay? Me, you, Sam and Bobby…we’ll figure our way out of this. Together.

Alternate Ending | SPN 6.20 (x)

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“When he read to me - stupid things, dragons and heroes - he wouldn’t turn a page until I reached over and took his hand. That big man made every step of the story my choice. I loved that. He died of the wasting in a Denerim ward… those last weeks, I read to him. I had to take his hand to turn the pages. And I couldn’t tell if he was too weak, or if it was the old game.”

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this is so rad

oh my god

One of my forever favs…

Mine too ;A;


This is absolutely lovely.

It reminds me of a movie from the late 80s that I loved as a kid, 『クー:遠い海から来たCOO』that was based on a novel. The story was about a boy who found a baby plesiosaur washed up on the beach after a big storm, and is is a beautifully bittersweet story. 

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