Happy Halloween!

Though I’m spending my day at home doing schoolwork, my quick costume for the day is thanks to my flatmate having bought some fake facial hair yesterday: Lady Dum Dum Dugan with bonus bearded Aveline (Dragveline?).

I hope your Halloween is grand!

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ElecTRONica the second time through today was fantastic, and I still wish I could have spent a day in the arcade alone. (Taken with Instagram at Flynn’s Arcade) It was brilliant to meet up with kaztiel, and I’m excited to soon be the proud owner of some of her lovely craftwork. x3

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While the internet was down, I went through a few of my comics shelves and rediscovered things I haven’t had in my hands to read for years. When I pulled out the first issue of Civil War, my heart skipped. The lead-up to this carried me through the last few months right before I went to boot camp, and the first issue came out while I was still training. One of the first stops I made during a brief 8 days home before continuing on with combat training was at the comic book store, where the owner had my pull box ready and waiting. He warned me that Civil War was going to feel like someone had staged a boxing match in my chest and he wasn’t wrong.

I always hope that when awesome comic book movies come out, it’ll get more people into reading them. Thor was excellent, far more so than I’d dared hoped for it to be, and the Captain America film is one I cannot even begin to say how much I’m excited for. It’s The Avengers, though, that I’m eager to see because (be still my fluttering fangirl heart) Cap and Tony together at last. 

For anybody whose interest in these stories and characters has been piqued by the movies, though, I really recommend you give the comics a shot. I’d be overjoyed to steer anyone who asks toward a story arc or specific trades that’ll get you better acquainted with what you might be interested in. I’m all about spreadin’ the love.

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LA Con? Epic, man. Epic.

Just bringing this back because I cannot comprehend how on earth this might have happened. I have taken pictures with celebrities, but they have all been posed smiles (perhaps with an arm around the shoulder). But this? Amazing. It’s like you were part of the cast and this was a candid shot of the cast goofing around. I love it.

There’s something incredible about the group of people who are involved in this show. Every one of them is an absolute credit to humanity, and I was genuinely impressed time and again by how amazing they were. I could gush about everything that happened at this con for days.

I love that you’re getting into Supernatural, Sherv - if you have the opportunity to attend a con, it’s a bit on the pricey side but if you end up loving it as much as I hope you do, it’ll be worth it. 

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This is like a fandom mind fuck. It’s Supernatural and Tron. 

Gabriel killing Crowley with Rinzler’s disk ….

The full shot includes Misha with a disc as well :3

holy shit why are my photos circulating again fdmsghshrgshr

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 saroux replied to your post: Vinyl hunting in France is a nightmare…

Ugh, I feel your pain. :c I wish I could kidnap you and take you to some of the downtown music stores my Da likes to frequent, his record collection is obscene. If there’s anything you want me to look for in the US, let me know!

Sa are you for real??? One of these days i’ll stop being an agoraphobic sloth and I’ll go travelling across the US on my ‘78 Ducati and I’ll let you kidnap me and we’ll go on a crazy journey (but not on separate ways)

You’ll have your Ducati, I’ll have my Triumph, and together it’ll be one hell of a glorious ride, man. <3

And of course I’m serious, I know far too well what it’s like trying to hunt down rarities in your own country when other parts of the world are treasure troves.


*sits here in an old punchy ‘70 Beetle*

I’ve always loved the classic Beetles (especially Lupin III-esque yellow ones) <3

Alas, the Triumph is a long-standing pipe dream. The other bike I had out in Cali was wrecked while being borrowed. I do quite adore my current wheels, however:

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Kevin, Alan and Roy.

Nerds in the 80’s.

They had to have played it.

everything about this is glorious

There are two things I carry in my pocket literally everywhere:

This is so relevant to my interests I’m just going to sit here gleefacing like the massive nerd I am

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Holy fucking wow

Each and every one of those messages is getting saved forever. Thank You all so very much, I’m sputtering aloud as I try to process all of this.

I know we’re usually little lines of text or a silly animated box on a never-ending dash scroll to eachother most of the time, but from the goofball of a person that I am to each and every one of you who reads this, Thank You. My life is better for having you (and every like or reblog or fabulous blingee and animated box you share) in it.

Reblog if you like Dragon Age.




I need more of you on my following list.



I don’t think I can articulate how much I love Dragon Age.

My nerdboner for this series is ridiculous.

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There was a huge surprise farewell and award formation for me this morning, and I had to pull every ounce of bearing together to keep from getting misty-eyed.

Shit, guys, I leave tomorrow.

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So I printed out copies of those coloring book pages and gave them to my Marines

and then magic started happening

yes that is a penis on Clu’s face

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