They’re up!! Here’s a few of my favorites! :)

Find all of the photos from the Carol Corps Celebration + Comic Book Characters for Causes here:

<3, ~Kit

This was such a wonderful evening. It felt like a gathering of friends whose names I just hadn’t learned yet, and I hope it becomes a regular event in the future. 

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Jet City Comic Show - Cosplay Video

Thanks you to everyone who volunteered to be in this last minute video. 

Special thanks to Jet City Comic Show, 501st Legion and Comic Book Characters for Causes. 

Yes, We will buy a steady cam at some point.

Social Media:

Me and Sa are in this! (Surprise we’re the Shepards)

Jet City (this past Saturday) was wonderful, and the gents from Comic Shop TV were a genuine pleasure to meet. Professional, polite, and all-around awesome.

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Warden Commander Tabris, Dragon Age Origins | GeekGirlCon 2013

LOOK AT HOW PERFECT EVERYONE IS, I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS, I’M DIE. (And they’re all phone photos and I still love them.)

Warden Commander (Rogue): fearandlothering | Dragon Slipper Tailoring
Warden Commander (Warrior): saroux
Leliana: stumpynat
Cassandra Pentaghast: @hemicos
Isabela: subitoallegra

AWW YISS look at all you magnificent Dragon Age ladies <3 Also featuring my (constructed-in-2-weeks) Grey Warden in its second con jaunt. Always wonderful to have these badasses in the party!

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This post has been going randomly crazy of late (HI EVERYONE GAH), so I figured I’d let you all know that Isabela and Aveline are still off having lots of shenanigans. YOU PUT THAT BACK IZZY (Aveline totally looks like she’s about to spank Isabela with her sword. Someone does need a spanking, after all….)

Sa and I don’t really act like this when we hang out. Okay maybe a little. There was that awesome bumper car showdown….

Isabela: subitoallegra
Aveline: saroux

Photo by Tiffany Peters

All Photos: Isabela and Aveline’s Day Off

Aww, I didn’t know you hadn’t already posted all of the photos! I think the silliest ones are always my favorites.

And, no, we’re quite civil with each other and commiserate over art history things. Except for that epic bumper car showdown (next time we should have BUMPER BOATS).

PS if you’re updating your Isabela, you know my armor is literally just down the street.

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PAX Prime 2011 - Aveline Vallen from Dragon Age II

I’ve never posted these here, but they’re some of my favorite photos from PAX Prime, where I wore my Aveline armor for the first time. Guest starring Molly’s fabulous Sassy Gay Hawke and Brutha as Bethany Hawke. Also featuring one of Wil Wheaton’s majestic dickcapes.

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In my anticipation for Dragon Age 2’s release, I decided I wanted to make an Aveline costume in time for release day after having seen her in the demo and immediately loving the character. One of my Marines who was also excited for the game’s release took these photos outside our barracks right after I got my copy of the game.

I’ve since improved some parts of it (like the bracelets, which I had been using a piece of metal I bent into an approximate shape in these shots) but haven’t actually worn it again. Perhaps someday!

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You are my favorite Aveline of all time <3 you are absolutely perfect
Anonymous ASKED

Thank you so very much! That’s an amazing compliment, Anon, and I truly appreciate your high esteem. I love her character, and it means a great deal that you think I do her justice. Thank you.

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