jakface replied to your post: anonymous asked:I’m being anonymo…

I would say that anon was me, but it wasn’t. But I think the same!

Aww dude, you’re too kind. I think the world of you, gal, and all the wonderful things you do <3

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PAX Prime 2011 - Aveline Vallen from Dragon Age II

I’ve never posted these here, but they’re some of my favorite photos from PAX Prime, where I wore my Aveline armor for the first time. Guest starring Molly’s fabulous Sassy Gay Hawke and Brutha as Bethany Hawke. Also featuring one of Wil Wheaton’s majestic dickcapes.

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Before I left for visiting family Georgia, I received wonderful cards & gifts from Kay, Jenn, and Lexi. My return to Seattle was welcomed by even more delightful greetings from Molly, LyshaGeener, Waffles, Carly, Kaitlyn, and Cassy.

Thank you!

Your incredibly kind thoughts and words have made me grin ear-to-ear every time I look at them, and have brightened the holidays and new year. I wish I could better articulate the extent of my gratitude to each of you. 

❤ Thank you! 

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All my finals for this quarter are done (“A” average maintained!) and I’m getting packed for my flight back to Georgia tomorrow for Chrimbo. Phew!

I checked the mail to discover glorious things within, and I must take a moment to say the following to the lovely jakface and grrrrface :

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