He was the one who would always have her back, not because he thought she needed any help, but simply because it made her happy.
She was the one who always found him in his darkest moments and understood. She didn’t try to rationalize it, didn’t try to belittle it, she just accepted all the worst… and stood next to him anyway.
In the end, they’d always find their way back.

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Aveline sketch

She’s my favorite character in Dragon Age 2.  I like that she’s tough as nails.  I like that she’s not interested in the PC.  I like that she isn’t conventionally pretty, but still striking to look at.  Eventually, I’ll have to do a proper painting of her…

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Do you like our owl? #bladerunner

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I’m quite new here. Little bit afraid of what’s going on :D

I adore this style! Wonderful balance of detail in all those rough-and-living lines.

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tony why would you let your systems be hacked that easily anyone who knows you would be able to access that shit

also this is a real canon thing one of the passwords to tony’s rooms is captain america let that sink in

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN. here’s tony, steve, thor and loki dressed as each other… but in the really crappy store bought halloween costumes.
seriously, they’re just…they’re just so bad. loki’s especially. his straps look like a seat belt. i just— man. they’re funny.
i was gonna do all of the avengers in each other’s outfits but i only had time to draw these four. homework is eating me alive /lies down

anyway, hope you enjoy, when I get the chance i will upload the rest of them!

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Okay, I admit to laughing while making this one.

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