Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.

When your power eclipses mine I will become expendable. This is the Rule of Two: one Master and one apprentice. When you are ready to claim the mantle of Dark Lord as your own, you must do so by eliminating me.



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Superheroes Reimagined by contemporary Native American artist Jeffery Veregge

"[My work] is a reflection of a lifetime love affair with comic books, toys, TV and film. Taking my passions and blending them with my Native perspective, artistic background and the desire to simply be me."

Find him on his: website | shop | facebook | pintrest | twitter

WOW I love these.

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The Coca-Cola Company plans to erect 150 kiosks in 20 countries that will offer water, electricity and Internet connections; they may also sell Coke and other products.

“We’re calling it a downtown in a box,” said Serena Levy, a company spokeswoman.

The announcement was made by Coca-Cola’s chairman, Muhtar Kent, at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting.

Right now, one such kiosk exists, a pilot version in Heidelberg, South Africa. It is a shipping container with solar panels for power, a satellite dish for wireless communication and a Slingshot water distiller designed by Dean Kamen, the Segway inventor.

Setup costs are an issue; for example, the first Slingshots cost more than $100,000 to build, but Mr. Kamen has said that he hopes volume will push the price below $2,000.

Ideally, the Coca-Cola Company said, the kiosks will be run by women. Which products and services the company will charge for is under discussion; they could, for example, store vaccines and offer health education without cost while asking people to pay for water and cellphone charging.

“We’re still working on the business model,” Ms. Levy said.

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I remain mortified that i fucked up “antiretrovirals” and ‘retrovirals’ so please pretend tony stark knows what the fuck he’s talking about here but ALSO HOLY SHIT

After predicting horrible thing after horrible thing after horrible thing to have actually predicted something GOOD is… kind of fucking intensely amazing.

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Greendale Community College puts it’s life and the well being of it’s students into the capable hands of their Jaeger pilots. Of course, this is only the first semester but Troy and Abed both have A++ in the class.

Their Jaeger is the Annie’s Boobs. Annie is not amused (but honored all the same)

I’m so sorry I love Pacific Rim and boyfriend and I keep on coming up with all the really good Drift partners and Troy and Abed are the apex. 

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logと通販のお知らせ by こたる

this is like the best thing I have found all day 

For anyone wondering, Steve’s dialogue 「国にかわっておしおきだ!!!」is - along with his pose - an homage to Sailor Moon. Using the most well-known translation of her iconic phrase, the substitution here becomes, “In the name of (my) country, I’ll punish you!”

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inverselylogical submitted:

Oh Snake, what are you doing? xD I’m really curious as to what he and the monkey are saying lol

I saw this on my dashboard and honestly thought it was from Eschergirls before I looked again and saw it wasn’t. I don’t know where this person found it; I just saw a reblog of it. I also don’t know if you’ve gotten this submitted to you before?

No, it’s not been submitted to me before.

Happy Easter, have some Snake Boobs and Butt. :)

OH LOOK It’s my favorite picture of Naked Snake EVER <3

This is actually from promo posters advertising the tie-in between Ape Escape 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3. Both games featured mini-games with elements of the other, with plenty of puns like “メサル” - mesaru - which is a combination of ‘metal’ and ‘monkey’. 

In the image, by the way, Snake is saying “Metal” and the monkey is saying “Piposaru” (generic name for the monkeys in Ape Escape), followed by (what’s out of frame here) more words ending in ‘-ru’ which all translate to “Jungle? Hiding? Survival?” Kojima is very fond of silly word play.

The pose that they’re in is one of the ways the monkeys taunt players, slapping their butt and all.

/Metal Gear nerd

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