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Bruce, you fanboy.

"Beware the Gray Ghost". Simon Trent was an actor who played a costumed hero on TV which ruined his acting career by being forever typecast (appropriately enough, he is voiced by Adam West). Trent can’t get a job because no one will take him seriously, and the Grey Ghost has long since gone off the air. He has to sell all the collected props and memorabilia he has (which showed he had fond memories of the show despite it ruining him) just to pay the rent. When Batman comes to him for advice for a mad bombing case, Trent reluctantly points Batman in the right direction (the bomber was aping an episode of the old show), he later decides to put on the costume and help Batman out. When he’s taken to the Batcave, Trent finds a small room, filled with Gray Ghost memorabilia (Bruce was an avid fan when he was a kid). At that point, Trent learns that for all the show had done to him, he had at least inspired someone to do real good: “So it wasn’t all for nothing.” At the end, we see that because Trent as the Gray Ghost helped Batman, a renewed interest in the Gray Ghost franchise helped propel Trent back to stardom (the legacy of which lasted all the way to Batman Beyond). As a further reward, Bruce clues him in on his secret (he went to the VHS signing as Bruce Wayne and told him how he was a big fan when he was a kid, saying it exactly the same (minus Batvoice) as he said it to him while in the Batsuit).

  • What’s better? After Trent sells all the memorabilia Batman buys it and returns it to him.
  • This also can count as a real-world Heartwarming Moment because of Adam West’s role in the episode. As one person put it: “It was the show’s way of saying that if that cheesy superhero hadn’t existed, this show probably wouldn’t have existed.”
    • There’s a meta CMOH, as well; the creators of the episode stated that if they hadn’t gotten West to voice the character, they wouldn’t have aired the episode.
  • Seeing the point where Bruce is watching the Grey Ghost episode and suddenly starts sporting this childlike grin on his face. There’s a look in his eyes, and suddenly he’s a child all over again. It’s amazingly touching.

^ That time that Batman: The Animated Series had Adam West basically play Adam West

And it was the actual most adorable and heartwarming thing EVER

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Okay, I admit to laughing while making this one.

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Clark: …

Bruce: …

Clark: …

Bruce: …

Clark: …

Bruce: …


Bruce: Stop it.


Bruce: You promised.


Bruce: I was eight. It decided on justice.

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 how much can an inker influence the final product?

What you have here is the pencils and published alternate cover for the second issue of The New DCU Batman, with inks by Scott Williams. Williams has been Lee’s inking partner since the early 90s. This is pretty much the standard look for their art going back to when I was a kid.

Next we have the same picture inked by Buz, Mike Mayhew, Stuart Saygar, Tim Vigil, Travis Charest, and Frank Cho.

Each of these gentlemen put a distinct touch, and feel to the art. And God Damn, do I love the Charest piece. Now I am hoping that we get a bevy of top colorists to lend some flavor to them as well.

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