shervinator replied to your post: Ladies and gents, I love you. I really do.

:-O I had no idea you had surgery and were almost diagnosed last year. *hugs* So glad you weren’t! But yeah, the oldest comment on there is 3 years old. THREE. YEARS. OLD. You would think there would have been a media backlash/buzz about it by now.

I’ve always been well-aware that there was a high probability of me having chesticle issues (both thanks to my own generous physiology and a maternal genetic predilection), and thanks to being proactive about my medical checks, it got caught early before anything got serious. Surgery, lots of post-biopsies and whatnot later, everything is clear and fine.

That said, every female member on my maternal side of the family have had some sort of cancer. I’m all for awareness and funding that goes toward research and development of medical science that aims to find a cure, but focusing attention blindly doesn’t really do anyone much good. ><

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