Seattle-based Avengers fans, Assemble!


Saturday August 10th, Seattle Center Movies at the Mural presents The Avengers!

When: 9:00 pm (though it’s advised to get there earlier to ensure a good seat!)

Where: The Mural Amphitheatre 

Cost: Free!

More info Here

I’m just finding out about this myself, otherwise I’d have broadcast this info much sooner. I’m absolutely going to enjoy this opportunity, and I hope others are able to do so as well! If anyone is interested in a meet-up prior to the movie, let me know; I’d be glad to coordinate and keep everything under this tracked tag on my tumblr.

Reblogging for anyone who might have missed it!

Because of the weird weather we had yesterday, I double-checked on the event plans; according to the Seattle Center, everything looks good to go for tonight! Unless there’s crazy rain or another Thor dance party like we had here last night, there will be no cancellation.

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Saroux, I filled out the form. This is an awesome idea, and stuff.

Aww, yay! I’m glad you think so, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I end up sending!

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Thank you so much for the rundown on the comics! It looks like an intriguing selection to start off. I appreciate you taking the time to explain and educate. I shall now conquer worlds with this newfound knowledge.

Very happy to help! I hope you’re able to find something you absolutely love <3

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Too lazy and too uncreative to make a front and back cover as well as spiffy title. I really wanted to add more songs, but here’s what I have for now. Maybe I’ll make another should I find more fitting songs.


When Worlds Collide - Powerman 5000

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do - The Crystal Method & Filter

Lights Out - Breaking Benjamin

My People - The Presets

The Undertaker - Puscifer

Hail Mary - Skold

The Great Destroyer - Nine Inch Nails

Pardon Me - Incubus

Mars, the Bringer of War - Gustav Holst

The World Is Not Enough - Garbage

Faces - Orgy


I’ll also post my general Tron mix sometime later. It also features Trip Like I Do, only the original version.

:Y anyway so yeah.

YAY downloading right now and excited to give it all a listen. I adore fanmixes, thank you so much for sharing!

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