Jet City Comic Show - Cosplay Video

Thanks you to everyone who volunteered to be in this last minute video. 

Special thanks to Jet City Comic Show, 501st Legion and Comic Book Characters for Causes. 

Yes, We will buy a steady cam at some point.

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Me and Sa are in this! (Surprise we’re the Shepards)

Jet City (this past Saturday) was wonderful, and the gents from Comic Shop TV were a genuine pleasure to meet. Professional, polite, and all-around awesome.

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Angry Mordin *3* well…actually he just looks annoyed.

and put it together with angry Kirrahe, you get:

a lover’s quarrel

These are wonderful! 

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hey sa! I'm thinking about making an omni tool for prime, what did you use to cut and shape yours? I'm going to TAP and looking at the orange acrylic but have no idea how to cut and piece it together.
regeener ASKED

Heya Geener! I got the plastic I used for my omniblade at TAP, so I imagine the material you’re looking at is probably the same as what I used.

I had hoped to get my omniblade laser cut in order to achieve MAXIMUM PRECISION, but had a pretty crappy time trying to coordinate with almost every local shop that does custom laser cutting. TAP was a bit of a letdown on that, too, and I encountered nothing but confusing runarounds when trying to go through them for laser-cutting coordination.

SO, in the interest of time and money, I decided to just do it myself. In the wee hours of Saturday morning of PAX Prime last year, I rush-attacked the plastic with my dremel, heatgun, and give-em-hell attitude. And lo, Gimpy the Omniblade was born!


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  • Mordin's Noir Story
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Omega. Sky was color of vid cam tuned to a dead vorcha. Business so bad that, if volus, would have sold my suit. Then trouble Doppler-shifted deep asari blue as it came through my door. Likely elcor father. High gravity-adapted in all right places. Asari said krogan thug after her business. if could get rid of him said she’d be gratefull for all…eternity.

Found krogan in slums. First shot hit primary heart. But krogan have redundant nervous system. Felt redundant, nervous myself. Krogan got me in stranglehold. Used incineration attack, got lucky.

‘Said this was an easy job,’ he gasped. Guess we’d both been burned.

Asari very grateful. Could read her like open book. And as it happened, did enjoy reading…in bed. Woke up looking at barrel of pearl-handled Carnifex. My M-98  in other room - another Black Widow standing over me.

‘Only loose end left,’ she said. Her mistake. Didn’t know I’d been in STG, learned tricks dirty enough to clog a quarian’s suit filter.

‘Your barriers very similar to your morals,’ I said, and threw my biotic grenade. ‘Warped.’

When woke up from explosion, asari had fled back to Afterlife. Felt lucky not to be in Afterlife myself. Hadn’t been paid, but considered self fortunate. Had broken Omega’s one rule…in more ways than one.

Easily one of the best things not only in the Citadel DLC, but in the entire game series. All of the sound clips of Mordin were wonderful, but this is fucking art. That last line gets me every. time.

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inspired by this

The fearsome war cry of the salarians.

I was not at all prepared for the video or the combined-arms approach of the sound file and comic.

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