catnipsoup replied to your post: tumblr what are you doing

“wonkyass mariachi hidey-dance” Marry me.


 instapasta replied to your post: tumblr what are you doing

yeah i’m still getting reblog notifications from something i posted about ten days ago :\ *shrug* i do not know what tumblr is doing TUMBLR YOU ARE DRUNK

I go for a day without it cocking up, but this has never before occurred. I think, however, I might have figured out the culprit…

Very well, Loki. I see how it is.

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?--what was your favorite part of MTAC?

Getting to see a lot of old friends who are more like family,

and getting to meet and make a few more. <33 

Hip-tossing a drunkard and locking another guy into an armbar weren’t that bad either but that’s probably because I get excited when I grapple

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