Chris Evans, impersonating Tom’s impression of Chris playing Loki, pretending to be Captain America vs Tom Hiddleston, impersonating Chris Evans, as Loki, pretending to be Captain America  

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G O D  B L E S S  A M E R I C -

“I got into the Captain America costume! I am pleased to say it fits rather well. Didn’t have to make any alterations… I played Loki, dressed as Captain America. Chris was so game. Chris Evans doing an impression of Loki doing an impression of Captain America. It’s kind of amazing.” - Tom Hiddleston

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Thor: The Dark World scene (SPOILER cameo)

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN. here’s tony, steve, thor and loki dressed as each other… but in the really crappy store bought halloween costumes.
seriously, they’re just…they’re just so bad. loki’s especially. his straps look like a seat belt. i just— man. they’re funny.
i was gonna do all of the avengers in each other’s outfits but i only had time to draw these four. homework is eating me alive /lies down

anyway, hope you enjoy, when I get the chance i will upload the rest of them!

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I noticed you do a lot of cosplay with armor which is awesome by the way; I'm planning to do cosplay as Loki. I was wondering if you could suggest anything for making the armor. I'm hoping to find something that can be easily detailed but looks real cause I'm a newby to this whole cosplay thing.. Thank you!

Thank you for the kind compliment, and for your question!

I’m not sure what version of Loki you’re aiming to do, but my approach is pretty similar for all of them - I’m guessing that you’re wanting to make one of the cinematic iterations? If I was going to try my hand at making a movie Loki costume, especially the armor pieces, the first two materials that come to mind are craft foam and plastic.

My introduction to craft foam was through this holy grail of a tutorial, and I hope it’s helpful to give you ideas as well.

Craft foam can be found at a number of hobby/craft stores such as Michaels and Jo-Ann. It’s excellent as a material for beginners since it’s inexpensive, lightweight, and pretty easy to work with. The major down-side to craft foam is that it isn’t very durable and paint tends to crack or flake off of it if it’s bent, but there are methods to reinforce it (some of which is covered in the above linked tutorial). 

The second material I’d recommend is plastic - specifically, a thin, flexible sort which I’ve found most easily through TAP Plastics. It’s also relatively inexpensive and very forgiving, as well as excellently durable. This material also takes spray paint much more excellently than craft foam.

Looking at some of the more complex pieces of Loki’s armor, such as this: 

I would recommend using the plastic surface as a base, and then building up the details of the design with layers of craft foam cut into the major shapes/dimensional areas, then detailing with Gem Tac (a type of clear glue)/hot glue. Finishing off with spray paint with some weathering (I tend to use black, bronze, and brown acrylic paints) goes a long way to make your pieces look as if they’re handcrafted metal.

You could also use only the craft foam (perhaps even a few layers of it) and carve into the surface to achieve the detailing, though, again, you’ll need to reinforce its durability.

Whenever I tackle a costume, I always start off by evaluating what exactly I’ll need to be making and how I’ll break it down into pieces for construction. I found this, which may be a helpful resource for breaking down the individual pieces of Loki’s costume.

Hope all of that is helpful for you, and if you have any other questions please do ask! I look forward to learning how your Loki costume turns out!

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And the highway lines pass by in two/four double-time
and we don’t even recognise a single name on the street signs
Nothing else is calling us
But all we’ve left behind is like a hell-hound on our trail
and a burden on our mind

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