For the midnight premiere of Iron Man 3, I put together a Pepper Potts costume based on the white suit I’d seen her wearing in previews. I found some bangs that I wrangled with a few attempts at dying before they matched my natural haircolor. I was inspired after reading some posts on the RPF and seeing Robert & Jaime’s method for making a Starkpad, so I decided to make one of my own.

I used a knockoff light wedge (book light) and took a combination of interface designs form the movies with some Iron Man-inspired themes to create the design. All of the surface detail is drawn/scratched in using an x-acto knife.

All of the excited energy I channeled into making things was more than warranted - Iron Man 3 is outstanding!

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Programs for making things to go in video games

I’ve put this post together to share some of the programs & tools I’ve found useful for beginning 3D Modeling. This is by no means comprehensive, and I’m certainly not an authority when it comes to these subjects - I’m a student sharing some of the stuff that’s helped me learn.

I know there are numerous programs and tutorials out there – I’m finding new things all the time – but these are what I’ve become most familiar with or am concentrating on using right now. Many of these have versions that can be downloaded for free, too!

Onward to the wall of words & links:

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[IMAGE] Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980.)

jordynlolz should try out for ANTM

I am proud of having thrown that cheese dress together in less than an hour, and even moreso of how fantastically this impromptu photo shoot came together. The guy whose gorgeous car Jordyn is posing beside was also ridiculously awesome.

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Team 261, Item 115: A pink feather boa hanging out the window of the engine car of a moving, full-sized steam-powered locomotive.

I drove with my flatmate an hour and a half out to the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad to do this. It was a gorgeous drive and we geeked out over a tavern called The Roadhouse along the way. This was probably my favorite item to accomplish thanks to it encouraging us to go out and explore a place we’d likely never otherwise go to. Despite inclement weather, all of the volunteers running the train and station were incredibly kind and enthused to help us accomplish this. 

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Team 261, Item 135: A sculpture of the actor Jensen Ackles made only from raisins and glue.

(Raisin Ackles also served as our impromptu Chrimbo tree this year, overseeing all gifts with his pouty shrivelled-yet-lovely lips.)

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Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car ;

Otherwise known as the adventures of the OCs belonging to Sa (saroux) and myself (the-flynnster). Nick Barrett (prophet, hunter, your average rogue), and Raziel (the angel assigned to keep tabs on him). Graphic by Sa, fic by me. If y’all have questions about these two, feel free to ask.

“Why me?”

“You know why.”

“No shit, Raz,” Nick rolls his eyes skyward, lifting his beer for a slow drag. “I just mean why me. Why was I special? Why am I a goddamn prophet?”

It’s gotten to the point where Raz doesn’t even flinch when he cusses. Nick smiles a little at that, wondering if that’s thanks to how much time Raziel spends down here (even though he’s technically been here since before biblical times, if the lore is anything to go by), thanks to him specifically, or a combination of the two. Nick hopes it’s the latter.

“You were chosen long before you, your parents, even your grandparents were alive,” Raz says in reply, eyes fixed on some point close to the horizon. “Prophets are more important than you know. Especially now.”

Nick snorts, tilting his head back to get the last swallow of his drink.

“Mate, you really need to quite with the Sunday School bullshit,” he shakes his head, squinting down the empty road ahead before chucking the empty bottle as far as he can manage. “You know I don’t buy most of it.”

Raziel stays quiet for a few minutes, seemingly fascinated by the way the glass bottle shatters into a thousand shards against the concrete. Then, he opens his mouth again.

“If Michael wins, the world loses,” he begins. “If Lucifer wins, the world loses. They are too power-hungry and humanity would be considered collateral damage during the actual battle. That bottle is an apt metaphor for a post-Apocalyptic Earth.”

Nick blinks at him, startled by the sudden reveal of something most hunters just might consider some pretty important information. “Well that’s … bleak,” he laughs drily. “What’s the occasion for the info dump?”

Raziel turns and gives him the “I am tolerating your human incompetence for the singular reason that I care about your survival” look. And Nick thinks it should be a little more unsettling than it is that he actually knows exactly what that looks translates to from angel to human.

“I am not here under orders anymore, Nick,” he answers shortly. “I haven’t been under orders for a long time. Heaven is in the middle of mass chaos and the Archangels are quickly running out of patience.”

Nick raises an eyebrow, then taps his foot against Raziel’s leg to refocus his attention. “Then why’re you here, Raz?”

The angel stares at him, eyes settling into that blue-green they get when he’s stressed. “I am here for you because you matter.”

They’ve had similar discussions before, but Nick can’t remember getting this far before. The fact alone that he trusts an angel with his life says how far he’s allowed Raziel into his life. But he’s never asked if the sentiment goes both ways.

“Are you sayin’ you’ve been going against Heaven all this time, Raz?” Nick asks gruffly, expression both startled and wary.

Raziel snorts, laughing wryly as he gives Nick a quizzical look. “I’ve been ‘going against Heaven’ since I began staying at your side, Nick. This is nothing new.”

He shakes his head, rubbing a hand over his mouth as he tries to get his thoughts under control. “God dammit, Raz,” Nick curses. “God dammit.”

And that in itself is pretty useless. God isn’t here anymore. He hasn’t been for a long time. Nick’s known that for most of his life.

The angel just watches him, that infuriatingly eternal serene expression on his face. “I don’t understand your frustration, Nick. I am voluntarily disobeying wartime orders that would result in the death of over three billion innocent humans. I’m on your side.”

Before Raz can start spouting off any more righteous crap, Nick grabs the angel’s tie and yanks him into an aggressive kiss, the first real one they’ve shared. It’s more teeth than lips, really, but neither of them minds.

When they pull apart, Nick lets go of Raziel’s tie and focuses back on the road stretching out before the parked Mustang. “Next time, Raz,” he says, shaking his head with a disbelieving smile on his lips. “Tell me when you’ve decided to go rogue so I don’t have a heart attack when angels come after us while you’re here, alright?”

Raziel chuckles, resting a hand on Nick’s shoulder as he gives a brief nod of acquiescence. “Anything you wish.”

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