Colored my previous sketch. Hawkules. Fengura. My new headcanon.

in response to those amazing Hercules gif edits and other amazing fanart. Holy shit.

Today is the best day ever. Slksdjflskjfsd.

my flatmate and I have had gleeful handflapping because of this majesty

I never want it to end

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One of the shots from our photo shoot/hang out this past weekend. I’ll do a massive GPOY flood once they’re all uploaded. The silly ones that we did once our Isabela and Fenris arrived are hands down my favorite. I’m still just blown away by how sweet and awesome the DA2 costumers that I met at PAX are. I hope to have many more opportunities to get to know them better.

All of the photos were taken by the incredibly talented N8Zim:

Last weekend, my Brutha and I got together with some other ridiculously talented Dragon Age fans we’d met at PAX to do a photo shoot. It was incredibly fun and the shots I’ve seen thus far are fantastic - I look way more badass in the photos than I do in real life…!

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Page 1 of 3 of SASSY GAY HAWKE adventures!

If you don’t know what it’s parodying, OMFGOGMFGHKBABTLTRKWG GOGOGOGO CLICK

Next 2 pages should be up in the next day. HOO-AH.

Also see in the last panel if you notice the classy use of one of poupon’s brushes

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I think that regardless of how big his official model might be, the Hawke in my head is ridiculously tall and likes to use that to his advantage.. with lots of looming and leering and generally being a little bit of a prick to those shorter than him (everyone..or ok maybe not Qunari types :B) M!Hawke/Fenris also fits far too well into one of my favourite pairing types - Short and grumpy paired with tall and kind of charmingly asshat-y 8D

Commission for Saenda @ deviantart who wanted some nose-smudge-free Warrior!Hawke / Fenris.  I was very happy to oblige 8D

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For Lemon-Sprinkles part…what 3 now? shoot I dunno


Just squint your eyes and I promise this will look pretty. GarrettxFenris, just a little something something…ah Fenris, your face… oh and lol at his markings, I had a wild guess with them.

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