OH My User!!! Your back!!! *bear hug* I was really missing you fanart Of Tron and Jeff. I have lot of picture of Jeff and Bruce on my blog since you left.

Aaah, Thank You!! I imagine I’ll have to spend some time going back to look through what you’ve posted x3


omg hi gurl

Hello to you too <3

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Spent almost all day sorting through my childhood

Kept some and boxed the rest up for taking off to Goodwill, and I still have a closet left of boxes to sort through. It’s both depressing and liberating to look at all these things that I’ve accumulated and most of which I haven’t seen in about six years.

Continuing to attack my room and pack like a fiend; meanwhile, I’ll be reblogging as I backlurk through my dash from the last few days. &_&

To all of you lovely new people from Sid’s livestream - hello and accept my adoration by way of keymash and leghumping. <333

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Thank You and hello~<333

So, here I was thinking my follower count was jumping like the dickens because of the damn Jefferson Starships, and my dash notifications have been going apeshit.

But then I go look at my list and

..holy crap where did all you beautiful people come from?


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Wow, Thank You all and hello~ <333

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MY goodness, I don’t know how or why but the bunch of you new followers who’ve popped up in the past few days are blowing my mind. To everyone who follows me -

Thank You!!

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YAY Thank You and hello you glorious artists <333

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I don’t have any idea how but THANK YOU!!

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