this is for you guys who likes my stuff, mainly for my followers. thank you guys, you are pretty good.


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When everything comes crashing down… I know you can do all right…

Happy SteveTonyFest! 
This is my gift for Saroux  I hope you like it :)

Umm, when I got you assigned I took a look at your page and your art, and I know I’m not even close, and I really wanted to make something awesome for you, but my moodswings interrupted the masterplan… I hope you’re going to love them though ^^;

Now my back need some rest XU

AAAAAAH oh wow, this is wonderful - you did make something awesome! Thank you so very much! The moment between them that you’ve depicted is lovely, as is your choice of attire for them both. I adore it and appreciate your time and effort in crafting this ❤ Thank you!

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Received this gorgeous Valentine from fassabendover today!

THANK YOU, Mae!!! I adore your style and the wonderful brushstrokes, and the heart on Sinestro’s suit is the perfect detail. I love it <3

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Finished Rogue Artistry Mini Edition covers batch 5


Last international batch to mail out, woot woot

AAAH AIMO All of these are so very lovely!

…and I may have emitted a rather dolphin-like noise at seeing mine. I am eagerly anticipating its arrival, thank you so very much <3

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There is a reaaaally darling set of cosplay photos out there that inspired this. Agh, excellent, another addition to that ever growing WIP pile.

…negl, I squeaked when I saw this 8D

Oh wow, this is fantastic and wonderfully flattering! I adore the expressions so much.

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