'Alistair Bakes a Found Cake'

Music: ‘Bosshannover’ - Mo’ Horizons

Foremost, I apologize for what I believe is a terrible accent.  I’ve got nothin’ on Steve Valentine’s spectacular performance in Dragon Age, and tend to speak more like Oghren in real life than Alistair.

Now that that is out of the way, I was linked to this recipe for the Found Cake in Dragon Age some time ago as a part of this Twitter conversation…

So I finally slapped on my Alistair armor and my girlfriend was kind enough to help me film the thing.

My cake preference leans heavily towards dense, rich, super moist, dark chocolate cakes.  This cake was very much the opposite of those things.  That being said however, it was surprisingly tasty.  I do plan to make a “Tainted” version of this recipe in order to fulfill those preferences of mine, which will probably turn the cake into more of a Devil’s Food Cake.

As far as the recipe goes, I took several liberties(mainly with the ingredients), which you can see by comparing this video to the recipe in the link at the top.  Also, a quick shoutout to Gourmet Gaming on Tumblr for creating the recipe itself, as well as to the fine ladies and gentlemen at BioWare.  If it weren’t for all of you, this wouldn’t even be possible.

Happy cooking!

I adore everything about this! Alistair needs his own cooking program.

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“I Tank Motherf*cking Dragons”

By emert. Statement from the artist:

I always see Alistair portrayed as a bit of a ditz, where in actuality he’s a total badass in a fight.
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Alistair from Dragon Age
This was for Thunder Arrow!  :) 

This is absolutely wonderful <3

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That’s pretty hot.


Jaw! Get off the floor!

And then I realized there hasn’t been enough Alistair on my blog lately.

Yes. Yes, please. I would like one of those.

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Naked Landsmeet is never not funny.

I had the exact opposite problem of this confessor; keeping all my party clothed was difficult, dammit

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Well, here is that sexy Alistair picture I promised Kreugan aka Fornax because I lost that bet and-ZEVRAN HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET THERE




fucSLFDKjklsf you are amazing. YOU DID THIS SO QUICKLY AHHHH

oh my god, between the pair of you when you make bets like this the whole internet wins

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