My 3 year old niece is insanely nerdy. I buy and read her all the Avengers books I can. She watching avengers cartoons, Spider-man, and wants to be FireStar for halloween. 

But recently I realized… She had no idea who Phil Coulson was. He never appears in the cartoons she watches. She’s not old enough to see the movies. He never appears in the books I bought her.

So I made this book for my niece so that next time she comes over she can see the best honorary Avenger there is. 

This is for you, Phil Coulson.

(none of the art is mine)

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Fix-It: a story of some Coulson, some doughnuts, and some fixing.


 It was very wise of you to decide to return. (…) There was something inappropriate in your absence.
- Max Frei, ‘The Volunteers of Eternity’.


FIX-IT (fandom term, adj.) - a descriptive epithet for a fan fiction, that fixes something in original, canon version of mentioned events. E.g., fiction can fix marriage, romantic notions, unreleased tension.
Or even death.
COULSON EVENT (fact) - also known as Schrödinger Coulson; the only thing in Marvel’s The Avengers you can really spoil.
DOUGHNUT (noun, specific) - also known as ‘donut’; a type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food. Symbolizes peaceful eternity in its sweetest form. Fondly associated with better side of Jörmungandr in some religions.

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Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9
Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12 | Page 13 | Credits  

Worked on this for nearly a month, on my own, after the working hours; still, I hope my lack of time didn’t have way too much influence on the quality of the finished story… 
I feel like I need to mention my working soundtrack.
These songs truly helped me in painting this))

Nina Hagen, “Right On Time” [listen here]
The National, “Mistaken For Strangers” [listen here]
Esben and the Witch, “Marching Song” [listen here]
Abney Park, “Evil Man” [listen here]
Katzenjammer, “Land Of Confusion” [listen here
Soul Coughing, “Unmarked Helicopters” [listen here
Tom Waits, “New Coat Of Paint” [listen here]

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