Tumblr Crushes:

I don’t know that I can ever have a more fabulous list of crushes.

Line one: TRIPLECLU 

Line two: glorious fanartists

Line three: Flynnwich between Lee Stetson and Tron Yes please especially in the Scarecrow and Mr. Flynn ‘verse HNNG.

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    This is like TRON FANDOM SLOTS- match 3 in a row, any direction, GET A PRIZE.
  2. robinaa said: I love how it looks like me and Clu are making the same face. =3= Well. Kinda. I’m just happier then him.
  3. ourliloperation said: I’m not one of your crushes, but I still love you and currently am drabbling again. Also, twas happy to see you reblogged the fanfic.
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